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Educator and Engineer

I hold a Masters in Electrical Engineering and worked as a robotist and researcher. Then I moved into teaching (Math, Computer Science and Physics). Overtime I also worked in IT at schools. Most recently, I have moved into full-time Software Development and also aquired a ScrumMaster certificate.

My technical background has strongly influenced how I teach: research and Agile practices have helped me develop a keen interest in the joy of exploring or ‘playful experiments.’ Agile presents the Plan, Do, Reflect, Adjust loop and I have found that ‘smallifying’ large tasks is an effective way to make progress with a large overwhelming project. In fact, taking little exploratory ‘bets’ or experiments to move forward, helps many people feel safe. When I realized these are also excellent learning methodologies, I realized in addition to content, I need to teach these skills too.

Over time I have also realized that one of the most important aspects of a classroom (or work environment) is that it is exciting, engaging and generally an uplifting environment. Or possibly an energy gifting experience. I have found that when students can choose their learning outcomes & goals (within the expectations of the class curriculum) the classroom can offer students these experiences too.


  • Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1990, University of Vermont
  • Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1988, University of Vermont