Cultivating EDgility

How we cultivate EDgility

  1. Identify three of your most important educational goals and values.
  2. Identify one VALUE - we suggest EDgility Value or Agile Value and explore its integration into your teaching.
  3. Identify one GOAL EDgility Practice or Agile Principle and explore its integration into your teaching.
  4. Review your and your student experiences. Compare these experiences to your educational goals and values and clarify what to continue and what to adapt or discontinue.
  5. Review EDgility, the Agile Manifesto or the authors' blog to compare your experiences with others. Ideally discuss your experience and your reading with a colleague.
  6. Start another exploration and explore new ideas or change ideas.


  • Keep daily/weekly notes on your experiences and your students' experiences.
  • Test the EDgile-Value and EDgile-Practice for a month, then take a week or two to rest, reflect and ideally discuss with a colleague.

Feel free to contact us or share your experiences directly with the authors.