We are long-time educators. Combined we have over 50 years of academic experience.

We met at Leysin American School (LAS). We felt drawn to take education to the next level – in particular to encourage students to feel good about themselves, have enthusiasm for school and learning and to take their own initiative to be life-long learners.

In this way, we felt we were cultivating young adults who will be able to thrive and enjoy the challenges and changing nature of the future.

Over a series of about five years we discussed and debated what would be helpful. We have seen many educational changes come and go, but fundamentally leaving education unchanged.

We realized that technology companies actually focus on outlearning other companies and at the successful companies there is great enthusiasm to learn and apply what is being learned. So we took the time to study Agile and Scrum and figure out what applies to schools and education.

We were pleased to discover many others integrating Agility into education (see Agile Research Consortium for Schools). We have learned a lot from collaborating with many of them. We wrote our own document so we could focus first and foremost on our educational values and draw in tools that helped.

The EDgility document is the result.